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How To Choose The Right Leash and Harness For Your Dog

Choosing The Best Dog Leash and Harness

Any good dog owner will tell you that having a leash or harness for your pooch is non-negotiable. Although some dog owners opt to walk their dogs with a leash and collar, others have found that dog walks are easier when their furry friend is outfitted with a harness.

In any case, pet parents will want to have either a leash or a collar for their canine companions, but choosing the best dog leash or harness is not a decision to be taken lightly. After all, we want our dogs to be comfortable when they’re on walks, and it’s up to us to give them the comfort that they deserve.

There are plenty of things to consider when trying to determine the most optimal dog walking leash or collar for your pet. Your dog’s size, temperament, training, and fitness are all considerations that dog owners should weigh when contemplating whether to use a leash or harness for their pooches.

In general, if your furry friend is regarded as a small dog, then a harness may be better for walks. However, big dogs tend to be better off with a leash and collar.

Benefits Of Quality Dog Leashes and Harnesses and The Pitfalls of Bad Products

Choosing a quality dog leash or harness can be the difference between a fantastic or miserable dog walking experience for the pet and the owner. When it comes to leashes, a long, thin leash made of nylon or similar material may not provide pet owners with the control that they need during walks. Instead, opt for a leash that is made of thick, durable materials that perform in any weather.

How Long Should My Dog's Leash Be?

Leash length is not necessarily important, as owners have success with both long and short leashes alike. However, keep in mind that short leashes will work better for those who live in busy areas in which controlling a dog may be important.

Should My Dog Wear a Harness?

dog walker with dog harness

Now, when considering harnesses, the big thing to keep in mind is that we don’t want a harness to be too tight on our furry friends. The common advice that is offered is that two fingers should be able to fit between a dog’s harness and its body. This is good advice to follow, as harnesses that are any looser may afford your dogs the ability to slip out and injure themselves during a walk.

One last thing: if your dog tends to pull a lot during walks, try a harness that allows you to attach the leash to the front. When your furry friend tries pulling in this harness, they’ll feel a touch of pressure on their chest, and this will minimize their urge to pull.

The Importance of Regular Dog Walks

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Happy pups on a walk with Red Dog!

Those who have owned dogs will talk at length about the many benefits of regular dog walks. Indeed, there are countless benefits that your canine companion can experience when taken on regular walks. For instance, daily walks lift your dog’s spirits, increase their fitness, and may even improve their mental health! Not to mention, they do wonders for dog owners!

Unfortunately, many struggle to make time in their busy lives to take their dogs on daily walks. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Red Dog Sitting Services offers dog walkers in Birmingham, AL and Dog walkers in Huntsville, AL.Contact us today help your pup get the exercise they crave!


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