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Dog Walking Services

For those pets that require a little more exercise, such as puppies or active dogs, we provide various dog walking services in the greater Birmingham and Huntsville areas.  If your work schedule doesn’t allow time to walk your dog, or if you simply can’t make it home in time, consider a dog walker, we can help!  Ask us if you qualify for our frequent flier discount program!


As Your Dog Walker We Go The Extra Mile

Our standard dog-walking service can include a brisk walk, play time and other activities.  We will also refresh food and water as well as clean up after your pets as required.  You can choose how long you would like the visits to be.  We offer services starting at 20-minute visits, and often provide 30-minute, 40-minute, 1-hour and longer visits.  Customize the care to your needs and if a specific rate is not listed here, ask about it and we will gladly provide you a custom quote!

The very important meet and greet between your pets and us to guarantee safe visits for everyone. This is also when we review all of the important details about caring for your pets.

Meet 'n Greet

No Charge

A 30-minute visit which can include a rigorous walk, play time (indoor or in a fenced yard) and other activities.

Standard Walk a Day!

30 Minutes


Added to our Standard Walk a Day service. Add as many increments as you like. Discount rates will apply!

Extra Walk or Playtime

Ask us about pricing

A 30-minute visit which can include a brisk walk, play time and other activities an average of one or more times a week.

Walk a Day! Everyday Loyalty Rate

30 Minutes


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