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Red dog sitting service testimonials

Clayton & Elise in Vestavia

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We absolutely loved your dog sitting service and we will NEVER board our dogs again. We have two labs that hate to be boarded and having your service to take care of them at home is a blessing. We received detailed updates and pictures after every visit, giving us piece of mind that our dogs were in great hands. As if that wasn't enough, it cost us less than boarding them at the vet! We can't thank you enough and we will use Red Dog every time we need care for our dogs.

cat sitter birmingham alabama testimonial

Diane in Hoover

Everything was GREAT! Interacting with Andy has resulted in Smokey being more friendly to strangers. My daughter came back with me and he went right up to her and started to play - last time she was here, he only "hissed" at her. This is progress! Thank you again -- the journal was a great touch! I will be calling you again.

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Mary in Helena

WE LOVE RED DOG SITTING! Back from a 7 day vacation away from our 4 dogs and we were completely satisfied with Red Dog Sitting's services. You guys were unbelievable. It was so refreshing to receive text and picture messages during our trip away. And, Patty was so great at communicating with us about what the "kids" we're doing each day. We have put our "diary" away for our next adventure with Red Dog! Our dogs are definitely part of our family, and we felt so comfortable leaving them in your care. When we returned, of course they were extremely excited to see us, but we could tell they had been taken care of, and probably spoiled with attention. ;) Again, we are a HUGE fan of Red Dog Sitting now, and we will NEVER board our doggies again!

cat sitting birmingham alabama

Rosy in Birmingham

I am so thrilled to have found Red Dog Pet Sitters! I have used pet sitters for 30 years whenever I’ve traveled and I’ve never been so pleased with any other service. I moved here 3+ years ago and tried several options for pet sitting, none of which were ideal. Red Dog is head and shoulders above the rest. I now have 7 Persian cats and 2 dogs, who are my babies, and we all suffer from separation anxiety. This is the first time I’ve come home (they have now come for 5 or 6 of my trips) and the animals have been totally serene without that nervous smell about them. Also, I now leave home missing my babies yes, but without that worry that something will go wrong. Here are some of the things I love best about Red Dog: I totally trust them in my home and with my pets. Karl and Cyd have this quiet gentleness about them such that some of my shyest cats came to great them on their initial visit with me. They are available on a moment’s notice. I love getting the updates to stay connected with the home front. I have an elderly Golden Retriever (Larson), who was having trouble standing up. Red Dog figured out the hair between his toes was too long and that was why he was slipping, so they trimmed his paw and toe hair. Now he has a much easier time standing up, and I love it that they troubleshoot. I also worried that he had never spent the night without a person in the house, and I wondered how he would do. Well, much to my great relief, he does just fine. With 7 Persian and 2 doggie bottoms, all with long hair, there is the inevitable “cling-on”, or even a total booty disaster that is dealt with at the risk of being clawed. They wash faces, walk dogs, give pills (including chasing one mind-reading cat all over creation to get her), brush pets, clean counters, cat boxes, do barf patrol, etc. Also each visit is 40 minutes, which gives them time to pet cats, play with Lilah, find Monty Python, catch Jasmine, wash Willow’s bottom, deal with neurotic Magnolia, and all the aforementioned stuff.  So, Red Dog listens to what you need, follows a multitude of instructions to the letter, and watches out for and loves the animals.

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Dana & Brian in Maylene

First of all what we appreciate most about the service is that you, Cydney, and the rest of Red Dog Sitting have actually taken the time, thought through the process and offered such a wonderful service that is an amazing alternative to “boarding.” The whole process was enjoyable and I don’t know that I can pinpoint one specific aspect of the service that I appreciated most. I thoroughly appreciated the initial visit and that you ask so many questions about how our dogs live and how we live with our dogs. I felt that even the tiniest detail was not overlooked from the way we tell them to stay when we leave to which food dish belongs to which dog and which location that they eat. I also appreciated the text updates with photos so that we could literally “see” how all of the babies were doing while we were away. The updates gave peace of mind that a schedule was being followed and the trio was being taken care of as we would. Not to mention the peace of mind that our home was also in good shape, i.e. someone was there each day, twice a day and would know if something was “out of place.” I found myself looking at the time and knowing I’d get an update soon. I cannot thank you enough for offering such a unique service and having such an open comforting attitude about our lives and interactions with our pets.


As far as offering something to improve upon….I am at a loss of words. You were flexible in scheduling our initial visit, listening when we had concerns, speedy to respond to all of my emails, phone calls, and texts. I feel that you went above and beyond when you swept the floor, took out the trash, and gave Daisy a good brushing. The sort of peace of mind you gave us with your service would NEVER have happened if our dogs were at some boarding facility. I guess the only “suggestion,” if you will, is to keep this service going. I’m telling all of my friends, co-workers, and fellow pet owners. I’ve even forwarded your link to our Animal Control department hoping that they can share the word as well.


Overall I was extremely impressed and cannot stop telling everyone how wonderful our experience was for us and our dogs. Another thing I noticed was the dog’s behavior upon our return. Normally, when we go out for the day and come home, the dogs all jump around and act “overly” excited. This time we were gone for 5 days and when we arrived home they were calm and at ease. It was a completely different reaction and I know it is because of the individual TLC that you gave each one every time you visited.

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Misti in Alabaster

Just want to give a shout out to my friends at Red Dog Sitting!!! They sat for us while we were in Jamaica and took great care of our "babies" (dogs). We got email updates and pics with each "sit." Very cost effective when compared to boarding. I highly recommend them!

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Taylor in Homewood

Thank you so much for taking care of the bunnies and baby dragon while we were gone! We loved reading the daily notes and getting the texts. Everyone seemed very happy to have had company and looked great...thanks again for taking such great care of our...zoo!! We will be calling you in the future for sure!

cat sitter birmingham alabama testimonial

Yvonne in Hoover

You guys are amazing. My animals look happy and well cared for and my house is spotless. I've loved receiving text messages and photo's twice a day whilst on my business trip. Thank you so much for everything. The daily journal you left is a fun read. I will highly recommend your services to everyone I know who is looking for a reliable and loving pet sitting service.

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Lisa in Birmingham

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You guys were amazing - my babies just keep going on and on about how much fun they had this week ☺ - Nicole & Keith got the most amazing shots of the pups - we usually end up with back of the head or hiney shots! ♥♥

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Matt and Jennifer in Alabaster

We are a busy couple with two beautiful little Yorkies that have anxiety and don't eat when left in a strange place or home alone for too long. We have tried everything with no luck until a few months ago when Karl and Cydney came to our rescue. From the moment these kind people came to the house to interview with us our Toby and Gizmo loved them (and we did too)! We can't say enough about their service and the best proof of the fantastic job they do is that when we come home from a trip of even a week or more our two little boys are happy with a twinkle in their eyes and have that just brushed and obviously cared for look, not the desperate "get me out of here!" that we always get with a kennel. And the icing on the cake is this: they clean up after them, keep a journal of EVERY visit for us to look at when we get home, and have even texted and emailed updates and pics of our boys having fun playing, lounging in their laps, and even eating out of their hand while they sit on the floor while we are on vacation to ease our minds. Try getting that with even a "luxury" kennel! I don't think so! We will always be happy to recommend and tell everyone we know about the fantastic people and services provided by Red Dog Sitters.

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Leigh and Charlie in Pelham

Being new to Alabama, we were skeptical about leaving our two little papillons in an unknown kennel while we went on vacation. Thank goodness for the flyer we received from "Red Dog Sitting Service"! Thanks to Karl and Cydney, we were able to let our dogs stay in their home environment instead of being locked away in a kennel in cages. They came to our house every day while we were gone, to feed, walk, and play with our dogs. They provided daily email/text updates every evening, including pictures the first night, to let us know all was going well; a service we've never had from a kennel. They did a wonderful job of pet sitting, as well as bringing in the mail and news paper every day. We highly recommend their services and plan on using them again for our next trip.

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Jack and Dittra in Hoover

What a great service you offer! We just returned from a 2 week vacation out of country and left our "girls" Sadie and Sophie in the care of Red Dog Sitting Service. Cydney and Karl watched over our Cavalier Spaniels like they were their own. They even emailed pictures to us to show the girls were doing great. As a dog owner, you always worry about your "pals" when you are away. While it may be safe to board them there is nothing like the safety of home care. We are so glad we found Red Dog! They were great and we highly recommend their services. We certainly will be repeat customers!

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Tina in Calera

Many thanks to Karl and Cydney for taking care of my baby girls Lucy & Ethel while I was away on a recent trip. It's the first time I have ever left them for more than a day or two since they were born so I was definitely a wee bit anxious. Karl and Cydney put me right at ease during our initial visit and I knew the girls would be well taken care of. I loved the notebook and how they kept track of the visits...what a extra special touch that was. I highly recommend their service and I know that should I need to travel again, I have a trust worthy reliable couple to take care of my babies. Thanks so very much for everything!! God bless.

cat sitter birmingham alabama

Jay & Angie in Homewood

Recently, our family went on vacation and had to leave our special pets, two cats and a dog, for an entire week! As our departure date was getting closer, we were committed to finding the best boarding kennel for our sweet dog, Mason. Prior to our vacation, we toured several kennels that were regarded as the "best" in boarding facilities. To our surprise and dismay, what we saw was not good enough for our Mason! In fact, the tours left us feeling sad for those dogs being kept there and we were ready to cancel our trip! In desperation we searched online and thankfully found the Red Dog Sitting Service! It was refreshing to see two people who obviously cared so much for animals! After meeting them both in person, we knew that we had made the right choice. Karl and Cydney are so friendly and dedicated to what they do, we immediately felt at ease to leave our pets in their care. When we returned home from our vacation, we found three very happy animals who had clean litter boxes, plenty of food, cool and clean water, and a journal summarizing their daily visits. They brought in our mail, walked Mason three times a day, and even emailed us pictures so that we could be at ease regarding their care! If you are thinking about going on vacation please consider giving them a call. The quality of care is superb and you won't be disappointed!

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Bernice & Mike in Homewood

Thank you so much for the peace of mind that you gave me in taking care of my sweet "babies."We loved the journal. It was so cute and it was comforting to know that my animals were happy staying in their own home. I hope to never board again!

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Dianna in Fultondale

You guys did such a wonderful job for us when we went to New York. When we came back the girls were so happy to see us knocking me on the floor and everything. Isn't it great??? But, they were so great all the way around. No problems at all and Maggie's diabetes seemed to be totally in check. Your service and the job you do definitely makes a huge difference. You guys are just AWESOME!

Red dog sitting service testimonials

Jay in Helena

Thank you so very much for taking care of Tide and Ali. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to have you guys take care of my babies in their home. The pics and updates are absolutely awesome. I know with you guys around I don't have to worry about my babies. Thanks again for ALL that you do.

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