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Meet the Owners of Red Dog Sitting Services

Karl Buchholz: Co-Founder, Owner and Pet Sitting Pro

Karl spent roughly 15 years in the marketing and market research fields, helping companies understand human behavior so they could sell more and better services and products to consumers. Although he enjoyed this challenging and fulfilling career, he had been searching to do something that was even more rewarding. As a life-long pet owner and lover, and one who traveled a great deal for business, he recognized the need and opportunity to help other pet owners feel at ease about their pets and homes while they were away.

Karl Buchholz Red Dog Pet Sitting Service Owner

For years, Karl has been an active volunteer in animal shelters and humane societies. He understands the needs of animals, both great and small, including how to balance love and affection with discipline, training and daily care. Most of all, Karl loves playing and exercising with pets. When he thinks nobody’s looking, you might even find him running around in endless circles, with a dog on his heels in a game of tag. And, one may never know who enjoys a game of fetch more – Karl or his dog, Izzy.

Cydney Buchholz: Co-Founder, Owner and Pet Sitting Pro

Cydney has always had a special bond with animals. As a young girl, she could often be seen walking through her neighborhood with a trail of dogs following behind. As she moved through life, her love and care for all living beings extended to her 5-year career as a registered nurse. Although she loved caring for humans, Cydney finds it a little easier (and more fun!) caring for animals.

Cydney Buchholz Red Dog Pet Sitting Service Owner

When her dog, Izzy, was about six months old, Karl and Cydney decided to board her with their family vet while on vacation. Although the vet provided great care for medical needs, she was not at ease about leaving Izzy in a kennel for multiple days, and agonized over it their entire vacation. And, for good reason. When she returned, her sweet puppy had lost weight and looked absolutely traumatized! It was so obvious that she hadn't been treated very well … or, at least, not as well as you would expect. Later, when Cydney decided to travel during the holidays, she found a wonderful pet sitter. The sitter made them feel instantly at peace about leaving all of their babies behind, and she didn't worry one second while they were away.

Cydney and Karl strive to make sure that all of their clients experience true peace of mind leaving their pets at home. Red Dog Sitting Services knows that we would all love to be able to take our pets with us when we travel, but most of the time it's just not practical. Karl, Cydney and team are committed to our clients, both human and animal. And, will always care for your pets as if they were our own.

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