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Our Story

Inspiration Comes in Small Packages

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places sometimes. That’s the story of Red Dog Sitting Services and how a little red wiener dog played a big role in inspiring a professional endeavor we truly love. 

Cydney and I came from completely different professions. She was a registered nurse and worked for years in both postpartum and hospice care. I was a market researcher for 15 years in the high tech industry. We both were passionate about our careers but after years of hard work and dedication, something was missing.

Dachshund Red Dog Sitting Dog Sitter in Birmingham, AL

Then, one Christmas holiday, we decided to spend a couple weeks traveling to visit family and take a much needed break.  At the time, we had one dog, Izzy, the little red dachshund. We also had a family of cats that would need to be cared for during our absence.  What to do?  It was the holidays and everyone we knew and trusted to care for our pets was in travel mode as well. Furthermore, boarding Izzy in a kennel was not an option because the one experience we had was traumatic. We boarded her at a reputable facility once before, but upon her return to us, she had lost weight and showed signs of high anxiety from her stay.  

Cydney mentioned our dilemma to one of her clients who was a dog lover and traveled quite a bit professionally. She referred us to a professional pet sitter she had used on several occasions. Professional pet sitter….what’s that?  We had never heard of such a thing! Well, we had no real choice and Kimberly (the pet sitter) came highly recommended. We met Kimberly and were immediately impressed by all of the important, detailed questions she asked about our pets and the care they required. She went on to give us great peace of mind while we were away. We received regular updates about our furry loved ones and when we returned, there was a wonderful journal waiting for us, full of funny stories and the daily practicalities of caring for our pets. The seed of Red Dog Sitting Services was planted.

A couple of months later it finally clicked. We started talking about our shared love of animals, how we wished we had more time to help out at animal shelters like we used to and how little time we had to spend with one another. Red Dog Sitting Services was born. We still work very hard and passionately, and on days when we have many furry clients to attend to, we don’t see each other as often as we would like. But, we LOVE our work! We receive the unconditional love of a pet family we never thought would grow so large and the gratitude of their human companions.  

Izzy, the little red wiener dog, who started it all, made us promise to help the community as well. So, from the beginning Red Dog Sitting supports animal charities through financial donations and service support.

We hope that you enjoyed our story. If you have pets that you love and want to ensure they’ll be loved and cared for while you are away, we’re there for you. We look forward to meeting you and your pet family! 

Karl & Cyd

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