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Red dog sitting dog walkers

Professional Dog Walkers in Homewood, AL

dog being walked with dog walker in Homewood, AL

Homewood, AL Dog Walking Services

Does your dog or puppy need to stretch its legs or get a little more exercise? If so, we can help! Red Dog Sitting Services provides dog walking services in Homewood, AL. If your work schedule leaves you unable to take your dog for a walk, or if you're unable to make it home in time, consider us as your dog walker!

Free Consultation with dog walker in Homewood AL

Schedule a FREE Meet 'n Greet!

The very important meet and greet between your pets and us to guarantee safe visits for everyone. This is also when we review all of the important details about caring for your pets.

Homewood, AL Dog Walking Rates

Our dog walking service in Homewood, AL offers brisk strolls, extended walks, and engaging play sessions, with adaptable durations spanning from 20 to 40 minutes or even more extended periods. Tailor your pet's care by incorporating feeding and cleanup services into the package.

Dog in a backyard dog walker in Homewood Alabama

Potty and Go!

20 Minutes

$19.25/visit (Loyalty Rate)

Does your pup(s) just need a potty break and quick leg-stretch down the street or in the yard? This option is for you!

Dog on a walk with a dog walker in Homewood Alabama

Standard Dog Walk a Day!

30 Minutes

$21.50/visit (Loyalty Rate)

A 30-minute visit which can include a rigorous walk, play time (indoor or in a fenced yard), and other activities.

Small dog on a walk dog walking services in Homewood AL

Premium Dog Walk a Day!

40 Minutes

$23.75/visit (Loyalty Rate)

A 40-minute visit which allows ample time for a solid walk, cool off time, water refreshment, and TLC if you want it.

Dog playing in yard with dog walkers Homewood, AL

Extra Walk or Playtime Available!

Ask us about pricing

Added to our Standard Walk a Day service. Add as many increments as you like. Discount rates will apply!

Please Note:

Time is calculated upon arrival and departure from your home. If you want a walk for this full-time allotment, we recommend choosing a longer visit option.

Questions or concerns? Please Contact Us

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